Desert Fleur Body Butter-Shea+Vanilla+Patchouli

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Size 6 oz
A non-greasy but deeply hydrating body butter with shea, cold pressed japanese tsubaki oil, with our highly coveted patchouli and vanilla Desert Fleur. Matcha, deriving from the crushed green tea leaf is a powerful antioxidant containing catchenins. These catechins help trap and inactivate free radicals in the skin helping to reverse many signs of aging. whipped shea butter + matcha botanical butters will instantly melt into your skin leaving you extremely hydrated with a silky air like feel. Free from synthetic and artificial fragrances Phthalate Free Paraben Free *Our body butters whip for upwards of 90 minutes which aerates into the shea butter giving it that beautiful whipped texture! We recommend keeping them away from light and storing in a cool dark place. As far as temp goes, we recommend a low 70’s! Although the shea butter is heat sensitive if it were to melt, the product is still 100% usable, it just loses its whipped shape! Made in United States